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Employer attractiveness

What do employees and potential employees value today? Salary alone is no longer a reason to stay in a certain company or to fill a new position. In recent years, the focus and importance of being an attractive employer has shifted significantly. Especially for recruiting processes, it is important to be aware of one’s own employer attractiveness and its external impact. How are corporate values communicated? Is the well-being of your employees your top priority? These questions can be a decisive market advantage for the development of sustainable employee loyalty.

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Our idea for your visibility

Today, the visibility and presence of a company is of great relevance to the market economy. Depending on the target group, different methods of communication with potential talents and customers must be applied and taken into account. Where do you find your target group? How do you address them? And how often? These questions are of central importance for online HR marketing management. Having an Internet presence is no longer enough to keep up with the competition. The important question is: What unique selling point can my company offer and how can I communicate it?

We would be happy to help you put your presence to the test and ask your target group the right questions. In doing so, we analyze together:

  • Who is your target group?
  • Where do you find your target group?
  • What measures do you use to create presence and visibility in search engines and social media (Employer Branding)?
  • With which advertising-relevant measures can you increase this presence?
  • What content can you use to convince yourself as a company/employer?
  • Which message plays a central role in your storytelling (Content Management)?

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