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Process Consulting

Staff recruitment and loyalty are among the business-critical fields of action, especially the recruitment of IT specialists. Finding candidates who are willing to change jobs is very difficult right now as they don’t tend to react proactively to the classic personnel marketing-mix. They operate largely “under the radar” and prefer to be addressed using a personal approach that is ideally oriented towards their own system of values. A further challenge is not only to retain your own staff members but also to inspire them over the longer-term, thus creating a natural staff loyalty.

Our aim is to support your HR team with these challenges and in doing so to allow new recruiting trends to flow into your company. At talents for it RECRUITING NETWORK we see ourselves as a “mobile task force” for your in-house recruiting processes because of the agile cooperation-methods that we use.

Our topics

Alongside our own consultants we have a cooperation network at our fingertips that goes beyond recruiting to offer you competent consulting in an exciting range of topics:

  • modern target group response
  • formal standards
  • staff loyalty through personnel development training
  • family-friendly concepts
  • modern workplace concepts
  • regional HR network activity

To ensure the success of your business we at talents for it RECRUITING NETWORK will work together with you to provide you with:

  • actual state analysis
  • modern, technologically-sophisticated personnel recruitment strategies


  • we supervise the implementation process
  • we present new ideas in the field of one-to-one coaching to your recruiters

We use methods including workshops, best practice sharing or a temporary assignment of our HR consultants and cooperation partners in your company.



With talents for it GmbH your processes run smoothly.

Employee recruitment and retention are important, very important!