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Attaining outstanding IT talents as employees is more challenging than ever for personnel and corporate decision-makers. It’s a matter of carefully considering and cater

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Our idea of mediation

We search and select your specialists using a social-media-recruiting-focussed approach. Alongside web-based job advertisements, we use a modern “active sourcing strategy”, meaning that we identify and professionally solicit those candidates who are willing to change jobs by using the relevant social networks. This should not be confused with classic “headhunting” as talents for it RECRUITING NETWORK does not use aggressive solicitation as a matter of principle. Rather, we use an approach that identifies and addresses candidates who have indicated their willingness to change job by placing their CV in applicant databases or by indicating this on their own status messages.

By means of a consulting session and personalised briefing, we work with you to develop a job-requirement profile that fits perfectly to your defined target group . Following this, our researchers create a quantitative response that is then fine-tuned together with our recruiters, resulting in a shortlist of the most interesting profiles.

Structured, personalised interviews carried out by our recruiting team ultimately form the basis upon which we create our confidential reports for you. Moreover, talents for it RECRUITING NETWORK takes care of the subsequent applicant and appointment scheduling and assumes the role of a confidential intermediary between you and the candidate.

After a successful placement we aspire to support you continually when it comes to staff loyalty, in collaboration with our cooperation partners. Get a picture of our network!

We work on a fee basis. This is calculated according to the first stipulated annual salary of your chosen candidate. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual quote!

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