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We offer smart recruiting methods for IT specialists willing to change jobs using a personalised and reputable approach. That’s the reason why we are up to all of your challenges.

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Your application

Whether full-time or working student – we look forward to your application!

In addition to our own employees, we rely on a team of specialists who, through our cooperation network, offer further expertise in the area of employee recruitment, retention and coaching.

We are currently on a growth path and are looking forward to receiving qualified applications. Please feel free to send us your documents to

We look forward to getting to know you!

We thus create added value for both our candidates and our clients.

Values of our work

As talents for it GmbH, individuality, transparency and honesty are at the heart of our work with our clients and talents. What we want to communicate to the outside world must also be lived for us internally. We have developed values that are important for each of us individually and also for us as a community in order to create a pleasant and efficient working atmosphere. Our lived values ensure a respectful and understanding interaction with each other and mean a great gain to our daily work.

Each of these values is adopted by a sponsorship of one of our team members, who takes great care to ensure that it is implemented and observed.

With our values we try not only to do something good for our employees, but also to pass them on to our customers and applicants as role models.

What can we expect in the coming years? That we cannot know. But what we can say with certainty: We are a strong team united by common values and looking forward to new challenges!

We introduce ourselves more precisely

When searching for the candidates who are no longer to be found using conventional methods we define a precise search profile and develop individual search strategies together with our client and future employer. When doing so we draw on personal recommendations via our long-term regional candidate networks or actively approach those candidates willing to change jobs who have indicated this explicitly on social media platforms (active sourcing).

With more than 17 years of experience in the field of personnel procurement within the regional ITK sector, our consultants team connects the virtual world with individuals and uses this know-how in a serious and competent manner. The trust, competence and discretion of our consultants are the key to success, since every IT specialist is an individual know-how provider and wants to be consulted on both the professional and the personal level.

Trust, competence and discretion of our consultants are the key to success!

Every specialist and every manager is an individual know-how carrier who wants to be advised both professionally and personally at eye level.

We offer our candidates initial concrete information about the company they are looking for in a personal interview and answer questions that the applicant may not necessarily want to ask in the following interview, e.g. about corporate culture, salary benchmarks or hierarchies.

In the briefing for the new vacancy, we give our client an initial assessment of the regional applicant market and the special features of the position to be filled, e.g. with regard to time horizons or realistic assessments of the search success.

The “professional lifelong support” on both sides is our claim here. Because candidates quickly become clients and vice versa.

The complete team of talents for it GmbH works for you.

Our team and our cooperation network is at your service.